Common Makeup Questions Answered

1. How can I do an easy smoky eye? (Actually easy)

There are different types of smoky eyes. The ones that fade light to dark are probably the most difficult to achieve. If you are still a beginner in smoky eyes, using a single base color is the best way to start. A smoky eye can be achieved with any color so pick a solid dark color and cover your entire lid. Next, pick a light beige or cream color and place it right under the brow line. Last, you will need a shade of brown or beige that is one or two tones darker than your skin color. Place this between the brow color and the lid color directly under the brow bone, this will allow for an awesome contoured look. Finally, take your favorite blending brush and blend until you cannot tell when one color starts and the other one ends. You will have a fabulous smoky eye within minutes.

2. How do I blend my blush so it looks natural?

Once you have applied your blush, take any buffer brush (I prefer a thick kabuki brush) and dip it into your powder foundation. Use this brush and dab of powder to buff in your blush. This will allow your blush to easily blend with your makeup while giving you the natural splash of color you are looking for.

3. How can I easily apply liquid eyeliner?

Unless you have the steady hands of a surgeon, do not begin your quest with liquid liner without perfecting gel liner first. Gel gives you the dark sharp lines of a liquid but is more forgiving with errors. Make sure your lid is half open when applying and start off by connecting sort dashes across your lash line to achieve a straight line. Once you are comfortable with gel, the application of liquid liners will come to you easier than you think. The liner below is a look I created with gel liner.

4. What is the proper order of applying my makeup?

Always do your eyes first. For many years I put on my foundation first and would end up redoing it because of all the fall from my eye shadow onto my cheeks. Doing your eyes first allows for you to easily wipe away any fall from your eye shadow before you begin your foundation. Lips, of course, are last. This will prevent any smudging that comes from your hands while doing the rest of your make up.

5. How can I make liner in my eyebrows look natural?

Repeat after me: “I will never put black in my eyebrows”.

So many women make the mistake of using black liner in their eyebrows which ends up giving them the angry look instead of the fierce one they are probably going for. For a natural filled brow always use powder, and a shade of brown that is one tone lighter than your natural eyebrow color. Make sure to apply with a thin angled brush. This will give you a softer natural look.

6. Do I really need lip liner under my lipstick?

Absolutely not. My favorite part about makeup is that there are no “rules”, just guidelines. All the information I am providing you with are things I have learned over the years to make my life easier when applying makeup. Applying lip liner all over your lips before applying your lipstick will allow for your lipstick to stay on longer and give it a little more pop. While it does have its benefits, it is by no means a necessity.

7. What should I use to keep my makeup on longer?

Primer, primer, primer! The most important part of makeup application for my clients is primer under their foundation and under their eye shadow. Primer for makeup works the same way primer does for the walls inside your home. It allows for a base, and because of its consistency makeup naturally wants to stick to it. It also allows for a layer of protection from the makeup to prevent breakouts. Primer will allow you to leave that touchup kit at home because your makeup isn’t going anywhere all day.

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